Sabine Darrall Flower Courses

Flower Courses at Lyne Down

For the floral design enthusiast, you don’t have to go too far afield to find the expert tuition of Sabine Darrall who has been creating beautiful florals for over 30 years.

Her studio is just 3 miles from Perrycliff  Cottage in Much Marcle and Sabine is an expert designer, teacher and influencer specialising in wedding flowers.

Sabine has a keen eye for detail combined with the skills and technical knowledge to bring a design to life. Through inventive creations that showcase colour and texture you will learn to present new design concepts that are beautiful, original and memorable.

Sabine offers courses and classes for new and experienced florists, which are inspiring and packed with industry knowledge. For example, Sabine’s renowned 3-day wedding course ‘3 weddings in 3 days’ has gained a reputation among florists and wedding professionals, with students traveling from around the world to attend.

Why not combine learning a new skill with a relaxing stay in a luxury cottage at Perrycliff!

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